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Getting Involved

Campaigns take a whole lot of time, energy, and some funds!

Thanks for taking a peek at ways in which you can support the campaign!

To Donate
Collecting Money


Money will be spent on info sheets, lawn signs, and media. Other costs may be used for events held to be able to connect with community members.

If you want to donate, consider this:

  • There is no minimum donation 

  • The maximum personal donation is $1200

  • Your full name and mailing address are required with each donation of $25 and above 

  • Donations less than $25 can be accepted through cash

  • A cheque or e-transfer can be used for donations of $25 or more

  • Municipal campaign contributions are not eligible for tax credits

  • You must be a resident of Ontario to donate to this campaign

  • Corporate donations cannot be accepted

To Volunteer
Colorful Papers


Time is our most precious resource. And just like any great feat, running a campaign takes a village. I would be honoured for you to be part of this team - lifting up our school system and society at large. 

Volunteering can be in any capacity and I'd love to utilize your passions and skillset in the work we are doing here! Some examples may be simply spreading the word to your existing contacts or placing a sign on your property. We'll be distributing info sheets, connecting with the community and holding fun events.

Connect with us if you'd like in on the action! 

Volunteer Using Sign Language
To Connect
School Notebook

Leave Feedback!

Your thoughts are valuable.

You sharing them is a contribution. 

Fill out this questionnaire!

Send an email!

Or set up a time to connect in person or via a phone or video call by filling out the form below!

Either way, I'm thrilled to listen to what you have to say. Your shared views shape my perspective - so don't hold back, and tell me what you think! 

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